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For all the research and science that goes into it, allopathic medicine cannot hide
the glaring inconsistencies that characterize it.

Pharmaceutical and drug company lobbyists have launched a number of
media attacks to discredit the value of healthy lifestyles.
Lawmakers have
been urged by these profiteers to deprive Americans of the benefits of natural
medicine. And the FDA continues to interfere with companies who offer natural
alternatives to prescription drugs.

Modern allopathetic medicines have been known to have side effects from their
own treatments and one of the major causes of unnecessary death and suffering.
Most of the allopathic drugs are toxic or cytotoxic and generate free radicals in the
As a result many of them have other side effects that can lead to
further complications.

We've all heard of the benefit-risk profile of allopathic medicines, but does anyone
warn you of their toxicity?
So much so, that it has been ingrained in our
mindset in which we readily refer to them as "medicines" and not drugs...

All drugs and chemicals have some form of negative and positive effect on cells,
organs and the pathways in the body. Allopathy selects those that "seem" to offer
more benefit than risk. Agreed that disorders that have come to a life threatening
state NEED allopathetic treatment. But doesn't it make more sense to switch to a
natural option to heal yourself..
before you reach a state where you NEED
immediate medical attention?

Yet, there are countless cases where the risks clearly outweigh the benefits and
over time, the long term use of such drugs show that the side effects generated
by them eventually cause oxidative stress and oxidative injury to the cells, often
leading to fatal complications.
How many drug related lawsuits do you read of in the papers that are
reported after they caused life threatening diseases or deaths?
Here's a common example. Accutane.

    Accutane was marketed as a safe acne medication when it was first
    launched. Subsequently, there were various reports of serious side effects
    and suicides attributed to it. All in all, there have been more than 142
    suicides involving Accutane. In addition this drug carries the high risk of
    deformed babies, miscarriage, premature birth, or death of the baby. Severe
    liver damage has also been reported with the use of this drug. What is
    amazing is that this drug is still being prescribed.

It is the same with many other drugs.
They continue to be marketed despite
reports of severe side effects by the many who rely on them for treatment.

In your case, if you start experiencing the various but less severe symptoms, you
probably woudn't attribute them to the drugs that you have been consuming.
the side effects after consuming them go largely unreported.

However, since you never quite got cured, you begin to recognise this fact…
Based on scientific evidence, it is clear that the safest and most effective
treatment for various diseases are right in our households..
.A mixture of
natural fruits, vegetables and herbs are some of things needed to prevent or cure

Many off-the-counter drugs are made from natural extractions from plants, but of
course, synthetic materials are combined in the mix -
This causes the side
effects you read and hear about.
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