How to Cure Hiccups

    How Stop Hiccups Immediately

    Usually hiccups go away by themselves in a short time, and don’t require any treatment. Often, they respond to the simpler
    non-drug methods described here. If your hiccups last long enough to significantly interfere with sleep, eating, or normal
    activities, you should consider seeing a doctor, to whom you might want to mention the less common causes and prescription
    medications listed here.

    Stop Hiccups Immediately

    Eat 1 Teaspoon of Sugar. Should stop hiccups immediately

    Breathing Exercises for Hiccups

  • Lie down flat on the floor, press both fists against your stomach (parallel to each other, so that each fist touches each
    wrist), and breath deeply.

  • Hold your arms out like a cross; breathe in as deeply as you can; bring your hands together in front of you as slowly
    as possible; once your hands touch, breathe out completely, as slowly as possible; take a slow breath in.  

  • As soon as the hiccups start (ideally, after only two or three hiccups), take several deep breaths quickly (that is,
    hyperventilate), exhale most of the air in your lungs, hold your mouth and nose closed so you can’t breathe. Then
    (and, if you can time it, just before the next hiccup), try as hard as you can to inhale (but use your hands to prevent
    any air from entering). If you are successful, the next hiccup will cause you to hear a sound like a muted burp. After
    the last hiccup, sit quietly; wait about twenty seconds before taking your next breath, then breathe slowly.

    Simple Remedies for Hiccups

    Close the eyes, press the thumbs against the eyeballs with enough pressure to be mildly uncomfortable, hold that for thirty
    seconds at least (do not exceed 3 minutes, as blood flow to the retina could be compromised in a very select group with a
    longer than 3 minute exposure) then rapidly release. Some advocate holding your breath while doing this (which is
    reasonable since few can hold their breath longer than 3 minutes thus saving providing an automatic protection against
    unduly compromising the retinal blood flow.)

    Hold your breath for ten seconds; then, without taking another breath, drink water for ten more seconds.

    Turn your left wrist clockwise until your palm is facing outward; from that position, pick up a glass of water and take three
    sips (over your wrist).

    Intersperse drinking with breathing so that each inhalation and exhalation is interrupted by three or more swallows (that is,
    inhale a little, drink a little, inhale a little more, drink a little, etc., then exhale a little, drink a little, exhale some more, drink
    a little, etc.). The hiccups will stop immediately, but keep going for one minute or for a period greater that the period of your
    hiccup, whichever is longer.

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