Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Almost every one has to work long hours on certain occasions, sacrificing rest and sleep. This may cause temporary fatigue.

Fatigue refers to a feeling of tiredness or weariness. It can be temporary or chronic. This condition can be remedied by
adequate rest. Chronic or continuous fatigue is, however, a serious problem which requires a comprehensive plan of treatment.

A specific character trait, compulsiveness, can lead to continuous fatigue.Many persons constantly feel that they cannot take
rest until they finish everything that needs to be done at one time. These persons are usually tense and cannot relax unless
they complete the whole job, no matter how tired they may be.
The main cause of fatigue is lowered vitality or lack of energy due to wrong feeding habits. The habitual use of refined foods
such as white sugar, refined cereals, white flour products, and processed foods have very bad effect on the system in general.
Foods 'denatured' in this way are deprived, to a very great extent, of their invaluable vitamins and minerals. Certain physical
and mental conditions can cause fatigue. These include anaemia, intestinal worms, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, any
kind of infection in the body, liver damage, allergy to foods and drugs, insomnia, mental tension, and unresolved emotional
problems. Poisons and toxins resulting from air, soil, and water pollution can also lead to fatigue.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #1
The patient suffering from fatigue should eat nutritious foods which supply energy to the body.   Cereal seeds in their natural
state relieve fatigue and provide energy. These 1 cereal seeds are corn seeds, wheat seeds, rye seeds, maize seeds, | barley
seeds, and oat seeds. They must be freshly milled. In uncooked cereals we have a perfect food for perfect health which
contain the essential vitamins and energy creators. In addition to cereal seeds, fresh raw nuts should be taken directly.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #2
The patient should also take natural vitamins and mineral supplements as an effective assurance against nutritional
deficiencies as such deficiencies cause fatigue. Lack of pantothenic acid, a B vitamin, in particular, leads to extreme fatigue as
deficiency of this vitamin is associated with exhaustion of the adrenal glands. A daily dosage of 30 mg of pantothenic acid or
vitamin B5 is recommended. However the entire B complex group should be taken, with the recommended quantity of
pantothenic acid, so as to avoid imbalance of some of the other B vitamins. In fact the  entire B complex group protects nerves
and increases energy by J helping to nourish and regulate glands. Foods rich in vitamin B are brewer's yeast, wheat germ, rice
polishing, and liver.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #3
For centuries, tonic herbs have been highly valued in Chinese medicine for their ability to preserve and restore vitality. These
herbs are meant to be taken on a long-term basis-think of them as concentrated foods that directly nourish your deep stores
of life energy. Choose one and try it for a couple of months to judge its effects. If you like it, you can continue taking it, or you
can alternate various energy-building tonics every couple of months.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #4
Ginseng (panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolium) is said to replace lost chi, or life energy, and numerous research studies
support its reputation as a restorative tonic. Ginseng helps the body adapt more easily to physical and emotional stressors by
strengthening the function of the adrenal glands. Ginseng can sometimes cause overstimulation, with symptoms such as
headaches or irritability. If this occurs, cut back on the amount you are taking and use American ginseng (panax
quinquefolium) because it is less stimulating than the Chinese variety. Ginseng is best used cyclically to prevent the problem of
over stimulation-take it for two weeks, and then take a two-week break befote resuming the dosage. For best results, buy an
extract standardized for ginsenosides, which are considered to be the active compounds. Ginseng supplements vary widely in
concentration-follow the manufacturer's instructions and decrease the dosage if necessary.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #5
Ho shou wu (Polygonum multiflorum) also called fo-ti, is a Chinese herb that is similar to ginseng in its effects, but milder. It is
considered to be a beneficial tonic for the reproductive organs, liver, and kidneys, all of which are critical for energy and
vitality. Ho shou wu is also a tonic for the thyro!d gland, which helps to regulate metabolism and energy. Because ho shou wu
is not an immediate energizer, you need to take it over a long period of time (usually at least a couple of months) to feel the
effects. Take one-half teaspoon of liquid extract two to three times daily in a small amount of warm water.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #6
Siberian Gingseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), although not a true ginseng, has very similar properties and is a whole-body
tonic that helps to restore healthy adrenal functioning. It significantly increases energy for both physical and mental tasks and
bolsters resistance to stress. Taking Siberian ginseng regularly helps to increase both physical and psychological well-being.
Take 250 milligrams two times a day of an extract standardized for eleutherosides, which are considered to be the active
ingredient. For best results, take Siberian ginseng in cycles of two months, followed by a two-week break before resuming the

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #7
Minerals are also important. Potassium is essential for protection against fatigue. Green leafy vegetables, oranges,  potatoes
and lentils are rich in this mineral. Calcium is essential for relaxation and is beneficial in cases of insomnia and tension, both of
which can lead to fatigue.  Milk and milk products, green vegetables, sesame seeds, almonds, oats, and walnuts ate rich
sources of calcium. Sodium and zinc are also beneficial in the treatment of fatigue. Foods such as celery, cucumber, lettuce,
and apples are good sources of sodium; while legumes, whole grain products and pumpkin seeds contain ample quantities of

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #8
Dates are an effective home remedy for fatigue and those suffering from tiredness should consume them regularly. Five to
seven dates should be soaked overnight in half a cup of water and crushed in the morning in the same water after removing
the seeds. This water with the essence of the dates should be taken at least twice a week.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #9
Grapefruit has been found valuable in allaying fatigue. Taking a glass of grapefruit and lemon juice in equal parts is an
excellent way of dispelling fatigue and general tiredness after a day's work.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue #9 - Aroma Therapy
Essential oils can either relax or energize you, depending on the oils you choose. Use relaxing scents such as lavender and
clary sage in baths and massages to help you unwind after a stressful day and to promote a good night's sleep. Use stimulating
essential oils such as basil, rosemary, and peppermint in cool baths or footbaths for a quick boost of energy.

Lavender has relaxing and restorative properties for the body and the psyche. It helps to relieve fatigue that is related to
emotional tension and also eases muscle aches caused by physical exertion. Lavender has a floral herbaceous fragrance with
balsamic undertones.

Clary sage is deeply relaxing and helps to relieve fatigue by calming an overly active mind and by enhancing adrenal
function. It also helps to relax tense muscles and promotes restful sleep. Clary sage has a musty, deep, sweet scent.

Basil has an uplifting effect on the psyche and helps to dispel mental fatigue. It also enhances the function of the adrenal
glands. Basil has a warm, sweet, spicy scent.

Rosemary is one of the most potent and balanced essential-oil stimulants for both the mind and the body. It enhances the
functioning of the adrenal glands, helps to overcome fatigue, and also improves mental clarity. Rosemary has a strong,
herbaceous fragrance with mint and camphor undertones.

Peppermint is energizing and invigorating and is excellent for relieving mental exhaustion and physical fatigue. It has a
potent, minty scent, and because it is so strong, should be used only in
small amounts (no more than three drops in a bath).
Natural Remedies for Fatigue - #10

Energy-Restoring Aromatherapy Bath for Fatigue

This bath combines the soothing qualities of lavender with the energizing effects of rosemary and peppermint for an uplifting,
yet restorative bath.

7 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil
1 cup sea salt
1 cup baking soda

Draw a bathtub of comfortably warm water. Combine sea salt and baking soda in a covered container and add essential oils.
Shake well to combine, and add just before entering the tub. Soak for 15 minutes, and finish with a cool shower to energize
your body and clear your mind.

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