Natural Home Remedies for Measles

Home Remedies for Measles (Skin Rash and Fever).

Measles, a highly infectious disease, is very common in childhood. It is so common at this stage of life that nearly all
children in most parts of the world suffer from it.

The first symptoms that appear for seven to fourteen days after exposure to the virus are feverishness, cold, watering of the
eyes, and a dry cough. A rash appears on the skin four days after the onset of these symptoms. This rash, which consists of
small rounded spots with reddened skin in between, initially appears on die sides of the face and the neck, and then
gradually spreads all over the body, appearing last on the extremities. Initially pink in color, the spots grow darker as time
Measles is usually accompanied by fever and diarrhea. In severe cases, high fever and delirium may occur. Complications
which can arise from this disease include pneumonia, bronchitis, and abscesses in the ears. One serious but rare complication is
inflammation of the brain.

Measles is one of the most contagious diseases caused by a virus. This disease is easily transmitted in the early stages through
the invisible droplets of moisture which are discharged from a patient's nose or mouth when he coughs or sneezes. The real
causes of this disease, like other diseases of childhood, are however, wrong feeding habits and unhygienic living conditions.

Measles Home Remedies with Orange:
Oranges are very valuable in measles, as the digestive power of the body is seriously hampered. The patient suffers from
intense toxemia, and the lack of saliva coats his tongue and often destroys his thirst for water as well as his desire for food.
The agreeable flavour of orange juice helps greatly in overcoming these drawbacks. Orange juice is the ideal liquid food for this

Home Remedies for Measles with Lemon Juice:
The juice of lemon also makes an effective thirst-quenching drink in measles. About 15 to 25 ml of lemon juice, diluted with
water, should be taken for this purpose.

Home Remedies for Measles with Turmeric:
Turmeric is beneficial in the treatment of measles. Raw roots of turmeric should be dried in the sun and ground to a fine
powder. Half a teaspoon of this powder, mixed with a few drops of honey and the juice of a few bitter gourd leaves, should be
given to patients suffering from measles.

Measles Home Remedies using Liquorice:
Powdered liquorice has been found valuable in relieving the cough, which is typical in measles. The child patient should be given
half a teaspoon of powdered liquorice mixed with the same quantity of honey.

Home Remedies for Measles using Barley:
The use of barley water has proved beneficial for the troublesome cough in measles. This water should be taken frequently,
sweetened with the newly-drawn oil of sweet almonds.
Special Herbal Tea Recipes for Measles

Pour 3 cups boiling water over 1 tablespoon of calendula flowers. Steep 15 minutes. Strain and flavor with 1 drop of
peppermint oil and sweeten with sugar. Drink one cup per day, hot. Best for bringing out measles, as it will induce sweating.

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