Natural Home Treatment for Prostate Disorders

Home Remedies for Prostate Disorders.

A large percentage of men over fifty years of age suffer from prostate troubles of one form or other. The prostate gland is
a male gland, comparable in shape and size to a large chestnut It is situated at the base of the urinary bladder and around
the commencement of the urethra. There are various types of prostate disorders, the more important being hypertrophy or
enlargement of the prostate gland, and prostatitis or inflammation in the prostate gland.

There are two warning signals to indicate the possibility of prostate disorders. The first is the interference with the passage of
urine, and the second is the need to void the urine frequently during the night's sleep. Other symptoms are a dull aching pain
in the lower back and pain in the hips, legs, and feet.
The position of the prostate gland makes it liable to congestion and other disorders. In an erect position, pressure falls on the
pelvic region just where the prostate gland is situated. With ageing, the body gets heavier and loses its flexibility. This puts
greater pressure on the pelvis and increases the vulnerability of the prostate gland. Prolonged periods of sitting, as in certain
occupations, also increase the pressure on the pelvic region, resulting in congestion of the tissues in and around the prostate

Acute prostatitis may also result from exposure to cold and chill, and from infectious diseases. Chronic prostatitis is an
after-effect of the acute condition. It may also be caused by continual irritation of the gland due to excessive sexual excitement
Another important cause of prostate disorders is constipation, when the faeces become hardened and the rectum or lower bowel
is overloaded, causing undue pressure on the prostate gland.

Home Remedies for Prostate Disorders with Vegetable Juices:
The use of vegetable juices has been found beneficial in the treatment of prostate problems, including prostate enlargement The
juice of carrots, taken separately in a 500 ml quantity, or in combination with spinach juice, is specially valuable. In the case of
combined juices, 200 ml of spinach juice should be mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice to prepare 500 ml or half a liter of
combined juices.

Prostate Disorders Remedies with Zinc:
The use of zinc has been found valuable in cases of prostate disorders. About thirty milligrams of this mineral should be taken
daily in the treatment of these diseases.

Home Remedies for Prostate Disorders with Vitamin E:
Vitamin E has proved to be an important factor for prostate health. The patient should therefore use vitamin E-rich foods
liberally or take 600 IU of this vitamin daily. Vitamin E-rich foods are whole grain products, green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk,
and all raw or sprouted seeds.

Prostate Disorders Home Remedies with Pumpkin:
Pumpkin seeds have been found to be an effective home remedy for prostate problems. These seeds are rich in unsaturated
fatty acids which are essential to the health of the prostate.

Wet Girdle Pack as a Prostate Disorders Remedy
Wet girdle pack is another valuable remedy in the realm of hydrotherapy which provides great relief in prostatitis and prostate
enlargement. For this mode of treatment, a thin cotton underwear and another thick or woolen underwear are required. The thin
underwear should be wrung in cold water and worn by the patient. The thick dry underwear should be worn above the wet
underwear. This treatment should be continued for 90 minutes regularly every night. If the patient feels chill, he should be
covered with a blanket.

Correcting Bad Posture and Exercise
Correcting bad posture and exercise are of utmost importance in treating prostate disorders. One of the best posture-correcting
methods is to lie flat on the floor at the end of the day. If gradually straightens out the back, pushes the neck into its normal
position and takes the weight off the feet so that they may relax. Lie in this position for about 10 minutes till the lower part of the
back begins to ache ,due to the strain placed on the pelvic muscles. This strain can be reduced by drawing the feet up to the
buttocks.. This position also takes the strain off the abdominal muscles and allows the contents of the abdomen to move more
freely than in the standing position. This movement can be increased by deep breathing, and the diaphragm will then tend to pull
the abdominat organs up towards the chest. Breathing in this way releases the tension on the back, lifts the pelvic organs and
restores the proper angle to the ribs.

The patient should now be in a fairly relaxed state with the back resting comfortably on the floor, the neck straight and the
breathing easy and full. The next position is to raise the pelvic part of the body as high as possible, and to put under it a hard
cushion that will hold it as comfortably high as possible, Rhythemic breathing may be continued so as to stimulate the
movements of the inner organs. The patient may also try consciously to relax and contract" the abdominal muscles. This position
is of great value in taking the weight and strain off the bladder and the prostate gland, and should be held for about 10 minutes
or even longer, if possible. This position maybe usefully varied by taking the
cushion or support from under the buttocks and then raising the pelvis up and down slowly as an exercise.

Now assume the first position of lying completely flat on the back with the legs extended flat on the floor. Bend the knees, and
bring them up as high as possible towards the head. Place the hands on the outside of the knees, and then pull the knees as
high as they will come.

Kicking an Imaginary Object Exercise
Kicking an imaginary object in this position is a very good exercise in prostate disorder. The procedure is to release the hands
from the knees, and shoot out both legs, as though kicking an imaginary object suspended in the air. Do not do this too
vigorously at first because it is apt to strain the abdominal muscles; but after a while a certain control will be developed over the
movement, and it may be done with a good deal of speed. It is a very useful exercise, as it tends to shake up the contents of
the pelvis and the Jerk of the feet transmits an upward force through that region. The good effect of this movement is to activate
a sluggish bowel. It should be repeated several times, according to the strength and energy of the patient.
Prostate Gland Helper
Pumpkin seeds are known for their use in restoring the healthy functioning of the prostate gland. They should be eaten daily by
men who suffer from problems in that area.

A tea may be made for those suffering from inflammation of the bladder and the prostate. Add 8 tablespoons of whole
pumpkin seed to 4 cups of water and simmer 30 minutes. Do not strain, but allow to cool before drinking. Drink several
glasses a day, as needed, for treatment and for pain. This is a really a good way to treat any problems dealing with the
prostate. Use this tea at least once a week.

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