Natural Home Remedies for Oedema

Home Remedies for Oedema

Dropsy, technically known as oedema, refers to the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body. It may be general or localized.

In the case of kidney disease, dropsy is first noticed beneath the eyes and face, and is worse in the mornings. In the case of
heart disease, the swelling tends to be worse in the evenings and begins in the lower parts of the body such as the ankles. In
liver disease, which is often the result of chronic alcoholism, the swelling is in the legs and abdomen. Oedema occurs in many
diseases, especially those relating to the heart, kidney, and liver.

Home Remedies with Indian Squill:
Another remedy found valuable in dropsy is the herb Indian squill.It has diuretic properties and increases the secretion and
discharge of urine. The bulb of the herb should be sliced and used in a small quantity of twenty to thirty grams.

Home Remedies with Arjuna:
Another effective remedy for dropsy is the use of the herb arjuna. This herb has been employed successfully by practitioners
of the indigenous system of medicine in the treatment of this condition. Thirty grams of the thick bark can be mixed with 250
ml of milk to make a decoction, and taken every morning on an empty stomach.

Alternately, one or two grams of the powder of the bark can be added to a cup of milk with sufficient jaggery to sweeten it,
and taken every morning on an empty stomach.

Natural Remedies using Black Nightshade:
Black nightshade has proved beneficial in the treatment of dropsy. It can be taken both in the form of a decoction or as a
vegetable. The decoction can be made by boiling thirty grams of black nightshade in half a tore of water, till it is reduced by
one-third. This can be taken twice daily. An extract of the leaves and stem, in doses of 6 - 8 ml can also be taken twice

Home Remedies with Lime Water:
Lime water has also proved effective in the treatment of mis condition. The whole belly should be covered with a large,
absorbant towel, which has been dipped in strong lime water and then squeezed out

Home Remedies with Pineapple:
Pineapple is one of the many home remedies found beneficial in die treatment of dropsy. It contains sufficient chlorine which
stimulates the activity of the kidneys and -helps remove much of the waste products from the body. It also relieves the body
of a waterlogged condition.
Special Homemade Tonic for Oedema
Here is an old Irish remedy for dropsy that has been in use for centuries. Clean 2 potatoes thoroughly and peel. Add the
peelings to 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes, covered. Strain and add 3 tablespoons
of the liquid to a glass of water or cranberry juice. Drink 4 glasses daily until swelling has gone down.

It sometimes helps to thin the blood, especially if you have heart problems. Caution: If you are on heart medication, consult
your doctor. These are natural treatments to thin the blood. Vitamin C thins the blood.

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