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Hydrotherapy as a Natural Home Remedy.

From the beginning of civilization, water has been
revered as an important healing therapy in cultures
around the world. Hydrotherapy treatments are based
on the use of water in all of its forms-hot and cold water,
ice, and steam-to stimulate healing. Hydrotherapy can
be used to increase circulation and lymphatic flow, ease
pain, and relieve muscular tension. Forms of
hydrotherapy that you can easily use at home include

  • Sitz baths.
  • Foot baths.
  • Compresses.
    Sitz Baths as a Home Remedy

    Sitz baths alleviate congestion in the abdominal organs and stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow in the pelvic
    region. They take a bit of effort, but are an effective treatment for menstrual cramps, cystitis, and fibroids. Use
    sitz baths as often as desired, or at least every other day when treating a chronic condition such as uterine

  • You'll need two plastic tubs that are large enough to comfortably hold your buttocks. The purpose of this
    treatment is to focus the hot and cold baths on your pelvic region to stimulate circulation, so the water
    should reach only to your navel, leaving your upper body, legs, and feet out of the water.     

  • Fill one tub with water as hot as you can tolerate. Fill the other tub with ice cold water. You'll only need to
    fill the tub halfway or less with water-you'll be able to determine how much water you need by sitting in
    the tub. It usually takes a bit of experimentation to get the amount of water and the temperature just
    right. The hot tub should be approximately 105-110 degrees F, and the cold tub should be between 55-65
    degrees F. You may need to add ice cubes to the cold tub to obtain the desired temperature. Add 7 drops
    of essential oil to the hot bath, mixing the oil into the water with your hand. Use lavender or marjoram for
    menstrual cramps; sandalwood or juniper for cystitis; and ginger for uterine fibroids.

  • Begin by lowering your buttocks into the hot tub--the water will feel uncomfortably hot at first. Sit with your
    upper body and legs out of the tub, and make sure that your pelvic region is covered up to your navel with
    the water. Stay in the hot water for three minutes, and then immediately move to the cold tub for one

  • Alternate between the hot and cold tubs three times, remaining in the hot tub each time for three minutes
    and the cold tub for one minute. Finish with the cold tub, towel off briskly, and rest for a few minutes,
    focusing your attention on the healing flow of energy circulating throughout your pelvis.

    Lymph-Stimulating Foot Bath as a Home Remedy

    Alternating hot and cold foot baths help to stimulate lymphatic flow and also relieve tired, aching feet and legs.
    They are especially helpful for varicose veins. Use these foot baths as often as desired.

  • You'll need two buckets large enough to hold both of your feet, and ideally deep enough so that the water
    will reach to
    the middle of your calves to help to stimulate lymphatic flow.

  • Fill one bucket with water as hot as you can tolerate (approximately 105-110 degrees F). Fill the other
    bucket with ice cold water (approximately 55-65 degrees F-you may need to add ice cubes to obtain the
    desired temperature). Add 7 drops of rosemary essential oil to the bucket of hot water to further stimulate

  • Sit in a comfortable chair and immerse both of your feet in the hot water for three minutes. Immediately
    plunge your feet into the bucket of cold water for one minute. Repeat the cycle three to five times, ending
    with the cold water plunge.

    Ginger Compress as a Home Remedy

    Hot ginger compresses stimulate increased circulation and are helpful for treating uterine fibroids and menstrual
    cramps. Use ginger compresses as needed for easing menstrual cramps, and at least every other day for uterine

  • Grate a handful of fresh ginger root, place in a piece of cheese  cloth, twist to make a ball, and tie with a
    piece of string.

  • Fill a large pot with one gallon of water, squeeze the juice from the ginger into the water, and drop the ball
    of ginger into the water. Cover the pot and heat the water, but do not boil it.

  • Turn off the heat. Make a compress by folding a cotton hand-towel in half lengthwise. Dip the towel into
    the hot ginger water, keeping the ends dry to prevent burning your fingers.

  • Wring the compress out and place it over your abdomen, being careful to not burn your skin. You might
    need to let the compress cool for a few seconds before placing it onto your skin.

  • Cover the compress with a thick, dry towel to retain the heat. When the hot towel cools to body
    temperature, replace it with a fresh hot compress.

  • Continue placing hot compresses over your abdomen until  your skin turns bright red, which usually takes
    about 15 to 20 minutes.
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